Additional Products

Take this opportunity whilst you have your unique and personal photos to purchase additional products

Additional Products can be purchased at any point to add on to any package.

A Selection of Additional Products:


Price upon request

Purchase extra prints in various paper options, mounts, frames and sizes, ranging from 6x4” all the way up to 96x48”

Framed prints can be purchased, which takes all the hassle out for you

Multi Apertur Frame

Price upon Request

You can purchase a frame with an acrylic front than hold several images at once. A beautiful way to display your images, especially those with a common theme.

Various sizes and layouts available


Price upon request

Canvas Options:
- Matte Canvas sizes: 10x8” to 60x40”
- Cotton Canvas sizes: 12x10” to 40x30”

Framed Canvases:
- Standard Frame sizes: 18x12” to 36x24”
- Tray Frame sizes: 16x12” to 40x30”

(Images from printing company - Digitalab)

Wood Prints

Price upon request

Wooden mount prints provide a subtle and natural finish to your images

Options include:
- Sphere
- Freestanding Blocks
- 3x Mini Blocks with Easels
- Mounted Blocks

(Images from printing company - Digitalab)

Acrylic Prints

Price upon request

Acrylic prints come crystal clear with ultra high clarity. They come around 5mm thick with 3mm backing.

Rectangle sizes: 16x12” to 36x24”
-metal frame option
Block sizes: 5x5” to 10x8”
Sphere sizes: 16x16 to 40x40”
Octagon Sizes: 16x16” to 40x40”

Metal Prints

Price upon request

Aluminum print, extremely hard wearing, waterproof and robust scuff resistant.

Perfect for in your home, in a barn or indoor arena.

Available in sizes: 12x8” to 60x40”

Also comes with metal framing option within certain size ranges

Personalised Photobook

Price upon request

Photobook made of your images.

Sizes range from: 21x15cm to 40x30cm

21x15cm is perfect for fitting inside keepsake box

(Image from Company)

Photo Box


This gorgeous box of 10 prints is the ideal way if you can't decide which image you want printed. You can hand or stand an image then rotate through them.

Prints are 10x8" with a mount choice of white or black

Personalised Keepsake Box


A wooden lacquered box approx. 30x20x14cm with hinged lid.

Perfect to keep treasured items in, like head collar, lead, horse shoe, dog tag, photo book etc.

Each box will come with your pets name hand written on top in whatever colour you chose.



If you wish to purchase a USB with all your edited social media images on from your session


When will we get our products?

This all depends on the time of year, how much you order and the companies who provide the products.

The companies give me idea on time upon ordering, and I will keep you updated throughout the process.

How do I receive my products?

Upon ordering we will discuss where you are located. I can either deliver your items to you personally if local, or you can collect them from myself. Other option is I can post them out to you for cost.

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