Hi, I’m Emma Gallagher

To be able to give myself the title 'Photographer' is still rather surreal to me…

In January 2020 I bought myself my first dslr camera, I had never used a camera before, other than the one on my phone, so this was all new to me. It was simply to give myself a hobby, one I had wanted to pick up for many years, but like everything, life always gets in the way!

After a month or two I decided photography wasn’t for me, after watching numerous videos, reading instruction manuals and even starting a photography course, I couldn’t wrap my head around the settings, how the camera itself worked, all the different lens and filter options etc it was a nightmare, but more so I couldn’t find anything I wanted to photograph!

In a last ditch attempt I took my camera to the stables with me, thinking surely this can’t go wrong, oh what an error that was! When I got home and looked at the images everything was black, or the few that weren’t were blurry, or so far from anything resembling a photo!

But despite all the negatives, it sparked something in me… I had found my subject! For weeks I went back and forth to the stables with my camera, I then began attempting to photograph my dogs at home too. FINALLY, I was having fun and everything started to make sense!

I made myself a Facebook page just as somewhere to upload all my images and to track my progress. The last thing I expected was to start receiving messages asking about prices and wanting to make bookings! WOW, things had snowballed and quick lol. I still have so much to learn and keep reminding myself I'm still new to photography and its forever a learning curve, but I am loving the process and wouldn’t change a thing. I really enjoy location photoshoots, but I love the more creative side, using items like Gold Leaf, Paint Powder and creating uniquely styled images. That being said I am available for hire for more than just horses and dogs, I have done photoshoots for cars, toddlers, landscapes, cats, product photography and many more!

So, to finally introduce myself, I am Emma Gallagher, a 34 year old female from the North East, UK and 'I AM A PHOTOGRAPHER!’ xx


Faithful Grace Magazine


A Year With My Camera


“⚫️🧡 Zippy 🧡⚫️
WOW I can’t stop looking at these photos, thanks to my amazingly talented friend Emma Gallagher Photography 📸🥰
Not only has she captured my boy so beautifully, her calm and relaxed attitude made the daunting experience seem like nothing to my inexperienced baby pony 🐎💙
Check out her page for more stunning photos... I can’t wait to get these on my wall 😍”

—Shona MacLeman Equine

“💓 Lily 💓

WOW once again... two of my favourite photos of Lily from our shoot with Emma Gallagher Photography 😍✨

Lily has had a few shoots now so knew what was coming and had a generally uninterested look on her face 😂 but when you have a team of helpers and a hell of a photographer you get shots like these 🙌🏽

More for the wall, thank you Emma ❤️”

—Shona MacLeman Equine

“I was honoured when Emma Gallagher Photography asked me to collaborate on this memory keepsake box with a hand painted design. Emma had took some amazing photos of the beautiful Rioko for a rainbow bridge photo shoot and was surprising his owner with this box full of prints. She’s such a kind talented lady and I’m looking forward to continuing our work together.”

—The Northern Calligrapher

“I worked with Emma on a charity photo shoot and she was brilliant. Super organised, professional and I have no doubt she did an amazing job with the photos - can’t wait to see them!”

—RS Equine - Freelance Groom

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