Event Photography

As well as being hired for commission photography, I also offer Event photography hire, such as showjumping, agility, dressage, workshops and clinics etc...

All images, even those purchased are full copyright and belong to Emma Gallagher Photography. If you purchase a Digital image you may use this for your own social media. If you purchase a High Res Image this is solely for printing for yourself. Images can not be printed for profit, they can not be sold on, nor can they be given to companies to use for their own advertising etc... If a company contacts you to use an image, please direct them to myself, so they can legally get the rights to an image. Thank You

For Event Organisers:

Event Organisers:


*Most Events are covered for free. There are a few exceptions, such as distance, time requirements and any additional expenses for me to attend, such as overnight stays, parking fees etc.

Please message me to check availability

For Event Attendees:

Event Attendees:

Price upon request

If you are attending an Event, you can request Emma Gallagher Photography to capture your session.

Deposits taken and are non refundable, unless you purchase digitals or prints, then your deposit will go towards your purchases.

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